Communication and PR / Branding

Communication and PR

Planning and executing PR campaigns / Organizing press events

You have a brand, opened your store, your website is up and running and you are expecting more customers and more orders, however, sales aren't as frequent as you'd hoped them to be. Do people know your brand? Do they have trust in it?

I can help you become well-known and accomplished within your market. To make your name appear on professional platforms relevant to your potential customers. To make them choose your brand.


Building a brand from scratch

So you have a really great idea but you're lacking the creative concept behind it? You don't know what steps you have to take when you first enter a market? You have a vision and you'd like to support it with a professional appearance, a logo, a website?

I can help you identify your target group with a comprehensive marketing strategy. Using the appropriate research method I survey the market and create a thorough action plan that is tailored specifically to your needs to get your brand off the ground and communicate it to your target audience.