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Dunapark Restaurant and Coffeehouse

Újlipótváros's oldest café, the Dunapark Restaurant and Coffeehouse challenged me with an exciting assignment in September, 2019: I was hired to fully reform their image and communication.

The goal was to reestablish the restaurant's reputation, as well as to access a brand new target group – basically a full rebranding. We have been working together for almost a year now and my team ad I have done the following tasks for Dunapark:

Main tasks:
  • The management of all the social media platforms
  • Image 'facelift' – reevaluating the logo, establishing Dunapark's brand identity
  • Building and maintaining a website
  • Organizing press campaigns and press events
  • Creating an annual marketing strategy
  • Managing online marketing platforms and advertisements
  • Website SEO
  • Planning communication strategies for events, organizing smaller events
  • Researching and managing associates and potential partners
  • Market research, needs analysis of the guests
  • Managing the newsletter
The results:
  • We doubled the number of followers of the restaurant on Instagram and Facebook within six months
  • We won the 'Dog-friendly Bakery of the Year' award in 2019
  • More than HUF 4,5 million worth of organic appearances with only one press event
  • With alternative event ideas and a collaboration with 'Bauhaus 100 városi séta' we obtained an increase in visitor numbers
  • With a non-significant advertisement budget we organized a New Years Eve party that sold out