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eOptika is one of Hungary's leading online contact lens and eyewear stores. I worked with them first in 2018, and then in 2019 on planning and executing integrated PR campaigns.
About the "Life without blue light" campaign:

“Life without blue light” was a healthcare focused, educational PR campaign. We wanted to draw attention to the possible dangers of blue light. I created a national campaign involving specialists and using trusted sources and research. We have backed the PR article with an informational website, where people interested could find all the important information on the dangers of blue light, and how to effectively guard against them. eOptika appeared as the ambassador and supporter of this “movement.”

As a result we have managed to provide all the necessary information to the public, and the sale of blue light glasses have increased significantly following the campaign.

The website of the campaign is here:

About the "You deserve the glasses" campaign:

“You deserve the glasses” drew attention to an opportunity open for all: every employee working for more than 4 hours a day in front of a monitor is entitled by law to a pair of blue light glasses provided by their employer. The task was clear, and the challenge was great:

  • To measure how many employees and employers know about this opportunity, and how many have already used it

We have executed a market research with nearly 200 people, which uncovered that 98 percent of employees and employers were unaware of this option. I based the campaign on this finding.

The website of the campaign is here: